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Necessary Network Maintenance & Administration

Your business' network is of the utmost importance. At PNG Managed Services in Staten Island, New York, we offer complete network maintenance and network administration support to keep your network up and running.

Network Administration

When you're in need of ongoing support for your corporate network (LAN/WAN), look no further than our company. We custom tailor an inspection and network maintenance support program to fit your company's computing needs. Our maintenance services include:

• Maintain User Accounts - Create & Remove Users & Handle User Security
• Maintain Email Accounts - Create & Remove Users
• Maintain Virus Software - Uses Current Software Engines & Definitions
• Tape Backup Inspections - Checks for Accurate Backups & to Restore
• Network Connectivity Issue Inspections - Check Drive Mappings, Cabling,
  & More

• Remote Dial-in - Troubleshooting & Maintenance
• Server & Workstation Hard Drive Inspections - Checks for Errors &
  Potential Problems
• Monitor Server Logs - Inspects for Errors
• Monitor Firewall & Antivirus Solutions - Checks for Hackers & Viruses

Additional Maintenance Solutions:

• Maintain Internal Corporate Email Servers
• Run Hard Disk Utilities on All Systems
• Check All Hard Drive for Max Capacity Versus Available Space
• Check Computer System Resources to Determine If PC Is Bogged down

• Run Diagnostics on All Workstations to Test for Hardware & Hard Disk Errors
• Make Backup Copies of the Windows Registries on All Machines
• Work with Outside Software Vendors to Resolve Issues Related to Third-
   Party Software

Weekly LAN Administration

Use our weekly ongoing support for your corporate network infrastructure. This once-a-week, dial-in service is just what your business needs to monitor and maintain network infrastructure. Bi-weekly and daily packages are also available.

Infrastructure Evaluation

Let us evaluate your corporate network and your day-to-day business routine as it may relate to your computing environment. Count on our technicians to assess and diagnose any existing problems and point out any contention that may cause future computer failure.

Recommendations per Our Findings

As computer pros, we make educated recommendations based on our findings and, if agreed upon, we will put the proper remedies into action in a skilled and expedient manner. For your convenience, we've offered this service since 1986, and have prevented many potential disasters.

Network Cables - Network Maintenance

Contact us to take vital steps in protecting your data with our network administration and maintenance support.